Ultimate Bowhunting

“The Ultimate Piece Of Duck Hunting Gear”


“Change the way you duck hunt”


“With waders you are limited to a certain depth before you get wet and cold.  The drysuit gives you that added protection and security to expand your movement and hunting scenarios.”


“Only your hands, neck and head can get wet, even when you are swimming.  This provides you with much more security and versatility over traditional waders.  This is especially helpful in extreme cold weather and water conditions.”


“The Predator Gear Drysuit will sllow you to hunt ducks like you have never done before.”


The Outpost Magazine

“A remarkable innovation”


“Waterfowl hunters and flyfisherman are singing its praises”


“Icy, cold water sloshing over your hip boots or waders on to your bare extremities … a thing of the past”

Gary Garth, Editor of Field & Stream in The Courier Journal

“The one-piece Drysuit is as simple as it sounds. Think of it as a pair of heavy duty, waterproof coveralls on steroids.”


“The chest zipper makes the Drysuit surprisingly easy to get on and off.”


“The Predator Gear Drysuit will keep hunters dry and would be particularly appreciated by duck hunters wading flooded timber and waterfowlers shooting from layout blind in wet conditions.”

The Daily Light

“When compared to the price of purchasing waders, footwear and insulated clothing, I consider them a bargain.”